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Difference Between Condolence Wreaths and Funeral Flowers: Which Should You Choose?

In times of mourning and grief, when families are dealing with the loss of a loved one, it becomes quite difficult to decide what gesture of condolence will be the most appropriate. In many cultures across the world, the sympathy felt by all those around the grieving family is expressed through acts of kindness and comfort. In addition, in many religions and cultures, sending flowers to the bereaved on the day of the funeral is seen as an act of respect and kindness. However, many of us fail to understand the difference between flowers of condolence and funeral flowers. While they both convey similar sentiments, it is important to differentiate between the two.

The difference between funeral flowers and condolence wreaths

Funeral flowers are often the most commonly seen type of flowers sent during a time of loss. Either a bouquet of white flowers or a simple stand, these flowers are often delivered to the funeral home. The arrangements of these flowers are often conventionally large and formal, acting as a form of decoration as well as serving as a tribute and respect to the deceased. You may have often seen funeral flowers in funeral homes, at processions, and beside graves and tombs. These flowers are typically not intended for the grieving loved ones of the deceased, but rather for the deceased themselves. They are symbolic of respect, honor, and the bond shared between the sender and the deceased. It is important to note that funeral flowers should never be sent to the homes or workplaces of grieving loved ones. This may create an upsetting or traumatic event. However, if you want to reach out a hand of comfort and solace to those grieving the loss, you may do so in the form of sympathy flowers. Sympathy flowers, otherwise known as condolence wreaths, are often sent directly to the homes of loved ones in mourning. Condolence wreaths are often directly addressed to the grieving family or to the member of a family that you know has suffered a recent loss. These arrangements are less formal and smaller-to-mid-sized. Condolence wreaths often consist of arrangements that could also act as table centerpieces.

What types of flowers are appropriate as funeral flowers or condolence wreaths?

When picking a flower arrangement to be sent as either funeral flowers or condolence wreaths, it is important to select a place that carefully curates these arrangements. This is important to prevent any misunderstandings during such a difficult time. Often, depending on culture and religion, different flowers are symbolic of respecting or mourning a loss. Many times, in both funeral and condolence flower arrangements, white flowers such as lilies are used. However, in both arrangements, you may also choose to use the favorite flower of the deceased or grieving loved one. At HiBye Flowers, they specially design and curate condolence wreaths. These are carefully made to symbolize the love and comfort you wish to convey in your act of giving them. With HiBye flowers’ 24/7 service, you can order wreaths 24 hours, and thanks to their express delivery service you can be sure to receive the flowers within 3 hours. HiBye Flowers provide express delivery condolence wreaths all around Singapore. They offer free same day delivery condolence wreaths as well.