Catholic and Christian Funeral Flowers

Choosing condolence flowers for the passing of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. When it comes to Christian funerals, cross-type wreaths, typically made of roses, are preferred as they symbolically represent the Christian faith. The elegance of this arrangement makes it an appropriate addition to any wake, funeral, or graveside service.

Our professional florists can help you select the flower arrangement that is the most suitable Christian condolence wreath from an array of designs, shapes, and hues within your preferred budget. You can order flowers for Christian funerals from our traditional or contemporary funeral wreaths to express your sympathy and pay a meaningful tribute to the deceased.

Condolence Flower for Christian and Catholic

Christian or Catholic funerals consist of a liturgy or service presided over by a priest, minister, or pastor. Funeral flower wreaths or Cross-type wreaths made of white lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, or white roses are suitable since they represent peace, purity, and love. Flowers for the funeral can be given during the wake and before the funeral service or mass.

You can choose from the wide variety of flowers available with us, ranging from carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies, and hydrangeas to heliconia and gerberas for funeral flower arrangements. These are all popular flower choices amongst Christian funeral wreaths as they carry deep meaning for the respective faith.

Funeral Wreaths from HiBye

Hibye funeral wreaths are perfect for the whole duration of Christian and Catholic funerals. Our florist crafts them from a wide variety of white flowers that gives the deep meaning of sympathy and the loss of a loved one.

Expedite Delivery

With the help of our friendly and professional florists and our all-day delivery policy now, you can order flowers for Christian Funerals to pay that perfect tribute to your loved ones with the assurance that they get delivered within 24 hours. We can also arrange flowers to be delivered to your solemn occasion within 3 hours with our express delivery service.

If you are looking for Condolence Wreaths as sympathy flowers for other than Catholic and Christian funerals, check out what we have.