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In times of grief, gestures of comfort to show your heartfelt condolences are what the bereaved family needs. Sending your deepest sympathy through fresh flowers can be a meaningful way to pay respect for the life of a loved one and show support in a difficult time to the family members.

HiBye provides same-day delivery options for a wide range of condolence wreaths, funeral flower stands, and sympathy flowers to show respect and compassion. We provide for religious and non-religious funeral wakes in Singapore.

Condolence Wreath - all-day delivery

We deliver condolence wreaths to you with our 24-hours service, all year round. Order our flower wreaths or funeral flower stands online and quickly send them to a funeral anywhere in Singapore with our same-day delivery option.

Why Buy Condolence Flowers From Hibye

It is never easy when a friend or loved one leaves us. The funeral is a time to come together and remember the life of that person who has just left. Bid your farewell with funeral flowers that show your deepest sympathies and support your recipient during these challenging times.

Wide range of funeral flowers

Choose from a wide range of funeral flowers of different types and colours that are carefully crafted by our skilled florists and are suitable for both religious and non-religious funeral settings. We can create a set of beautifully arranged condolence wreaths according to your preferences and needs.

All-day funeral flower services in Singapore

We provide all-day funeral flower services at affordable prices. We also provide express delivery and free delivery fee under 3 hours — island-wide across Singapore. For more information about our delivery time slots, give us a call!

Show your Sympathy with Condolence Flowers from Hibye

It is never easy when a family or someone dear to us leaves. No one can ever be prepared for the grief the bereaved family will bear. Show your sympathy and convey your condolences with a gesture of flower delivery with a funeral flower stand or sympathy flowers. Let them know that you understand and care.

We understand that choosing the right flowers for someone’s service can be difficult. We strive to make this process easier by providing helpful advice on our website and free same-day delivery services. Our team is always here to support you if you have any questions about ordering the perfect arrangement. Let us help you show your love, admiration and support during this difficult time

Whether you’re looking for classic white lilies or something more unique, Hibye has the perfect flowers to honour the memory of a loved one. Order your sympathy flower today with us and choose from our wide selection of condolence bouquets, baskets and wreaths. Show that you care and offer support in their time of sorrow with a beautiful arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the commonly used condolence messages?

A condolence message is a message of sympathy and support for someone who has experienced loss. Commonly used condolence messages include:

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I am with you during this difficult time

  • I wish I could be there to hug you and tell you how much I care”,

  • I will never forget our beautiful memories with your loved one

When writing a condolence message for funeral wreaths, it is essential to keep it simple, sincere and honest. Avoid platitudes or overly religious language and instead focus on expressing genuine sympathy.

Showing you care and offering support can mean a lot to someone in grief. Ultimately, the most important thing is to let the bereaved family know you are with them in their grief and provide comfort and support.

What is appropriate for sympathy flowers?

Appropriate sympathy flowers often include a variety of colours, such as white lilies, yellow roses, pink carnations, and purple irises. Other common flowers for funeral services include chrysanthemums, daisies, tulips, and orchids. It is also sometimes appropriate to send arrangements containing several flowers. Regardless of the type of flowers chosen, these thoughtful tokens are often well-received by grieving families and friends.

What colour of the flower symbolizes sympathy?

The colour of a flower symbolizes many emotions, and one often associated with sympathy is white. White flowers represent purity and innocence, which can help express sympathy when someone has experienced a loss or tragedy. White flowers, such as lilies or carnations, have long been used in condolences or sympathy arrangements—alternatively, light or pastel colours like pink and yellow express sympathy and understanding.