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What You Should Know When Selecting Flowers For a Funeral

In many cultures, flowers are a central element of funerals and memorial services. A bouquet of funeral flowers or flower stands have traditionally been given to mourners to express sympathy and condolences.

Buying flowers for funerals online? Here’s what you should know before selecting your flowers for a funeral.

1. Select the right mix of funeral flowers

Choose different types of flowers when creating an arrangement. Rather than having a flower arrangement consisting solely of one flower type, combine different types of flowers that symbolise love, friendship, and remembrance. For example, a bouquet may include hydrangeas, orchids, and lilies. Hydrangea represents true heartfelt emotions, orchids represent love, while lilies represent purity.

Ensure that your flowers are suitable for the type of funeral being held. It is best to ask about the family’s preference before buying your funeral flowers.

  • Christian funerals: Acceptable to send flowers to express your sympathy and condolences. White lilies are the most common type of flowers to be sent to the bereaved family.
  • Hindu funerals: White flowers are an appropriate token of condolence and solidarity.
  • Muslim funerals: A simple flower vase with fresh flowers can be given to show sympathy. The appropriate funeral flowers include roses and green leaves. 
  • Taoist funerals: White or yellow flowers are given to express sentiments and support to the grieving family.

2. Choose the correct flower colours

When choosing flowers for a funeral, it is important to consider the colours that are best displayed together. Different flower colours mean different things.  

For example, classic funeral flowers are often white, which express the giver’s sympathy and condolences. Meanwhile, white, pink, and lavender flowers are a beautiful combination that can showcase the celebration of the deceased’s life. 

3. Ensure the funeral flowers are delivered on time

Individuals send flowers when they need to comfort a grieving friend or relative. Funeral flowers are an important part of the entire funeral process. They create a positive mood, honour the life of the deceased, and help to express the sender’s sympathy.

Find a local florist that can deliver the flowers on the day of the funeral service itself. This ensures the flowers remain fresh and whole. At HiBye, we provide all-day 24 hours service as well as free deliveries and express deliveries of funeral flowers under 3 hours — island-wide across Singapore. 

Not sure where to begin?

If you’re unsure where to begin or what to order at all, customisation of funeral flowers according to the florists’ discretion is also possible.

At HiBye, our free design range allows you to buy your funeral flowers with ease. These funeral flowers are specially curated by professional florists and prepared with utmost dedication and professionalism. Simply select a budget and complete your order within minutes. The budget determines the quality and size of the funeral flowers and/or wreaths.

Buy Flowers For Funerals Online

Choosing the right flower arrangement is an important way to honour your loved one. This is why acquiring flower knowledge goes a long way in creating an arrangement that says "I care". Contact us at 6481 9898 to order your funeral flowers. We are open 7 days a week and offer same-day delivery island-wide across Singapore.