Flowers for Opening Ceremony - Grand Opening Flower Stand

Support your business associate, friend, or loved one in their new business venture with a congratulatory flower stand. Greeting them with congratulatory flowers with your heartiest congratulations and well wishes for prosperous beginnings and bountiful success leaves a lasting impression of love and support.

As one to open a new business, celebrate with the best grand opening flower stand in Singapore. Beginning your new business venture with the highest quality flower stand with opening ceremony flowers makes the event even more special.

If you need a grand opening flower stand, Hibye provides flower stands packed with the best flowers with fresh blooms for your opening ceremony and other occasions.

Why Buy Opening Flowers Online From Hibye

Celebrate and show your support and encouragement with grand opening flower stands and congratulatory flower stands to your recipient during this joyous occasion.

Wide range of official opening flowers

Choose from a wide selection of grand opening flowers of different types and colours that our florist carefully curates. We can put together flower arrangements of the best grand opening flowers according to your preferences and needs.

Whether you want to send congratulatory flower stands or grand opening flower stands, this wide range of fresh flowers with the freshest blooms serves as a gift. It best comes with a congratulatory message of new beginnings and well wishes for the prosperity of the business.

All-day official opening flowers services in Singapore

We do flower delivery in Singapore 24 hours a day, all year round. We provide all-day grand opening flower services and free and express deliveries under 3 hours — island-wide across Singapore.

Order our official opening flowers online and quickly send them grand opening flowers in Singapore with our same-day delivery. Our delivery services ensure the gift of opening stands reach the recipient at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to send opening flower stand?

A flower stand is a great way to decorate events and mark special occasions. Certain events may be the ideal time to send floral arrangements.

  • Opening ceremony

  • Grand opening event

  • Business venture

  • Business launch

  • Weddings

What is the best flower for the grand opening ceremony?

Celebrate a grand opening ceremony with an equally unique flower. There are many beautiful flowers to choose from; you can browse more at the Hibye opening flowers catalogue to choose from the variety of flowers you prefer for opening. But some flowers for best grand opening flower stands options include roses, orchids, and lilies.


It is the ultimate symbol of love and romance, and they can make a grand opening ceremony even more special. Roses come in various colours; choose the perfect one that matches your décor or event theme.


They are prevalent for grand openings because they are exotic and have great aesthetic value. Orchids come in many different colours, shapes, and sizes, giving the event a unique feel.


Known for their beauty and elegance, they are an excellent choice for grand openings. They come in many different colours and varieties, adding a touch of sophistication to the occasion.

What colour do flowers symbolize congratulations?

Flowers are a popular way to express congratulations. Different colours of flowers can symbolize other things, so choosing the right colour for your congratulatory bouquet is essential.

  • Yellow flowers represent joy and happiness, making them an excellent option for congratulating someone on an accomplishment or achievement.

  • White flowers represent purity and innocence.

  • Red roses signify passion and love, perfect for expressing your admiration for someone's success.

  • Pink flowers symbolize appreciation and gratitude.

  • Orange flowers represent purity and innocence.