Forgot an important work anniversary? Or missed an opening of a friend’s business? For any important occasion, a bouquet of flowers is the way to go. From magnificently structured congratulatory wreaths to carefully designed wreaths and bouquets of chrysanthemums to express your sympathies for those grieving the loss of a loved one, HiBye Flowers is here to cater to all your floral needs! Let the flowers speak the message your heart wishes to convey!

However, most of the time flowers require an early booking and prior confirmation. What happens when you're on a deadline and have no time to spare? Well, at HiBye, flower delivery can be arranged in 24 hours!

Approx 40cm x 28cm
Summer Sun
Approx 55cm x 44cm
Pink Sweetness
Approx: 45cm x 40cm
S$99.00 S$90.00
Purple Sense
Approx 30cm x 25cm
Bluey Crush
Approx 35cm x 40cm
Fancy petals
Approx 45cm x 35cm
S$148.00 S$130.00
Approx 35cm x 38cm
Gold Rush
Approx 35cm x 30cm
Approx 28cm x 25cm
S$85.00 S$79.00
Antique Rose
Approx 28cm x 25cm
S$138.00 S$118.00
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What Occasions do HiBye Flowers Cater To?

  • Official Opening stands
  • Condolences wreaths
  • Congratulatory flowers and wreaths

Other services

HiBye offers an exclusive 3-hour express delivery for all your last-minute flower needs. You can order wreaths within 24 hours for any occasion of your choice. You no longer need to worry about last-minute flower deliveries anymore!